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Belle's Poetry Crossword Puzzle

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Belle's Poetry

Match the words with the correct definitions.

    3                     4              
                              5     6    
      15         16                        
Across Down
3 the use of any element of language - a sound, word, or phrase - more than once
8 describes on thing as if it were something else
9 the repetition of consonant sounds in the beginnings of words
10 units of stressed and unstressed syllables; how meter is measured
11 descritions that appeal to the five senses that help created vivid word pictures within a poem
12 gives human qualities to a nonhuman subject
13 the use of words that imitate sounds like splat, hiss, and gurgle
14 occur when you change one of more words within each repetition in a poem
15 a particular pattern of rhyme some poems follow
1 the repetition of vowel and consonant sounds at the ends of words
2 language that is not meant to be taken literally
4 a pattern of rhythm
5 a type of literature that uses the sounds, rhythms, and meanings
6 units of meaning that poetry lines are organized by
7 a line or group of lines in a poem that is repeated at regular intervals
15 a beat in a poem, created by the stressed and unstressed syllables in words
16 uses the word like or as to compare two seemingly unlike things
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