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Beowulf Crossword Puzzle

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Fill out all boxes with words matching the definitions from the poem Beowulf

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Across Down
4 A monster or giant feared by all except Beowulf
6 King of the Geats
8 An ancient battle-tested sword
10 Member of the Scandinavian clan, the Wulfings
11 A bard or poet
12 Legendary Danish king living in the early 6th century
13 A native or inhabitant of Denmark
14 Members of a legendary royal family of Danes or their people
17 Kingdom located in Southern Sweden
19 Scandinavian warriors from Geatland in Southwestern Sweden
20 A man who held land granted by the king or military leader
1 Beowulf's childhood friend
2 Ruling clan of Eastern Geats
3 Hrothgar's queen
5 Gate keeper for Hrothgar
7 A man who is one of a person's blood relations
9 A movable wooden board used as a ramp to board or disembark from a ship or boat
15 Beowulf's sword which fails to pierce the dragon's scales in his last battle
16 Hrothgar's feasting hall with a single room
18 Solid metal, shaped in an open ring, designed to fit closely around the neck
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