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Big Business Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Big Business Terms

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Across Down
3 corporations that hold the stocks and bonds of numerous companies
4 gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a products development
6 someone with the skills to start their own business
7 government plays a very limited role in business
8 a legal entity that can conduct business in its own name in the same way an individual does
9 a share of the profits of a corporation distributed to stockholders
10 complete control of a product or service
11 people who give donations to worthy causes
12 a business that is owned by two or more co-workers
13 an economic system in which companies compete for profits
1 wealth that can be invested to produce goods to make money
2 a joining of two companies that occurs when one company buys more than half of the stock in the other company, resulting in the companies coming to act as one
3 bringing together many firms that were in the same business
5 managing of companies as a single unit
14 a claim on the assets of a corporation that gives the purchaser a share of the ownership of the corporation
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