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Biodiversity Crossword Puzzle

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5 technique of adding essential materials to a degraded ecosystem.
6 overuse of species with economic value--a factor in species extinction. habitat fragmentation: habitat loss from separation of an ecosystem into small pieces of land.
7 technique using living organisms to detoxify a polluted area.
8 nonnative species deliberately or accidentally introduced into a new habitat.
9 gradual process of a species becoming extinct.
10 any material or organism in the biosphere, including water, soil, fuel, and plants and animals.
11 any natural resource available in limited amounts or replaced extremely slowly by natural processes.
13 any different environmental conditions occurring along an ecosystem's boundaries.
14 variety of ecosystems in the biosphere.
15 variety of inheritable characteristics or genes in an interbreeding population.
16 any resource replaced by natural processes more quickly than it is consumed.
1 use of resources at a rate that they can be replaced or recycled. endemic species: species found only in one specific geographic area.
2 water pollution from nitrogen-rich and phosphorus-rich substances flowing into waterways, causing algal overgrowth.
3 in a biological community, the number and abundance of different species.
4 a large-scale dying out of a large percentage of all living organisms in an area within a short time.
5 increasing concentration of toxis substances, such as DDT, in organisms as trophic levels increase in food chains or food webs.
12 the disappearance of a species when the last of its members dies.
17 number of different species living in a specific area.
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