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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Life on Earth: Plants

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Across Down
6 a basic unit of structure and function in all living things
7 an opening in the leaf epidermis
9 a compound other than chlorophyll that absorbs light energy
10 a long, thin structure that supports the anther
11 produced by the apical meristem
12 a specialized tissue that transports the needs of the plant
15 occurs in angiosperms
16 produces microscopic mother cells
19 a plant hormone that can stimulate elongation of stem cells
20 a process of change between two organisms
21 known as a 'naked seed'
23 a somewhat protective shell for the seed
24 female reproductive structure
25 primary plant root
26 a specialized cell to hold down algae to the bottom
1 provides food for the embryo
2 a period in which growth and activity decrease or stop
3 female gametophyte within the ovule of a flower
4 little or no woody tissue
5 hypha growing downward from the stolons that anchors the fungus
8 helps prevent water loss through evaporation
9 a reproduction system that switches back and forth
13 a xylem tissue that no longer conducts water, but gives strength and support
14 a tissue that produces the outer covering of stems
17 region at the base of the hypocotyl of a stem
18 large leaf
22 gamete
27 a reproductive structure for angiosperms
28 a response of an organism to an environmental stimulus
29 an early stage development for an organism
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