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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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3 Macromolecule made mainly from carbon and hydrogen atoms; includes fats, oils, and waxes.
7 Process that changes one set of chemicals into another set of chemicals.
8 Pure substance that consist entirely of one type of atom.
9 Formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another.
10 Weak acid or base that can react with strong acid or base to help prevent sharp sudden changes in PH.
11 Mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules of the substance are evenly distributed.
14 Attraction of molecules of the same substance.
15 Substance formed by chemical combination of two or more elements in definite proportions.
16 Compound that forms hydrogen ions in a solution.
17 Material composed of two or more elements or compounds that are physical mixed together but not chemically combined.
18 Protein that acts as a biological catalyst.
1 Substance that is dissolved in a solvent to make a solution.
2 Small unit that can join together with other small units to form polymers.
4 The center of the atom which contains protons and neutrons.
5 Energy needed to get a reaction started.
6 Smallest unit of most compounds.
12 Element or compound produced by a chemical reaction.
13 Basic unit of matter.
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