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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Use the clues to fill in the puzzle

                                    1           2         3                  
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20   21       22                                                                
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                                                        26   27                
                      28                             29                        
                                31   32   33   34                                
                        35 36                     37           38                
Across Down
6 An organisms regulation of internal body functions through changes in the enviroment
8 A microscope that magnifies a specimen using two lenses and a light
10 The process scientists use to carry out an experiment
13 The variable that is changed during the experiment
14 The formation of two new cells from an existing cell
15 The variable affected by the independant variable
17 The group changed by the independant variable
19 A microcope that can magnify things up to 200,000 times by using a thin beam of electrons
20 Having more than one cell
23 An explanation to the question asked during observation
24 An increase ion the size of an object
27 One of the small bodies inside of a cell that help's it function
28 A chemical compound that brings about cellular functions
30 A short segment of DNA
35 The lens located directly above the specimen
38 A group of specialized tissues that perfor a certain function
1 Something you discover by watching the world around you
2 The process of becoming a mature adult
3 The process of producing offspring
4 The sum of all the energy gathered by different processes in an organism
5 The way thing are situated and in order in a living thing
7 A microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create a 3-D image
9 The device that holds the set of objective lenses
11 An idea that is supported by lots of evidence collected from many experiments
12 The specific type of material that makes up each organ
16 A guess as to what might happen during an experiment
18 A group that is used as a comparison to the experimental group
21 A lightbulb that asists in veiwing the specimen
22 The thing you use to test your hypothesis
25 The smallest unit that can still perform all the processes necessary for life
26 A starndard of measure used by scientists that is based on 10's
29 Having only one cell
31 A part of the microscope that magnifies the specimen 10 times
32 The study of life and living things
33 Other scientists critique a work before it is published
34 The ability to have fine detail in images in a microscope
36 The main unit from which the other units come from
37 A platform that supports a specimen slide on a microscope
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