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Biology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                      B         A      
                                C     A         N      
                                A     T         A      
                                R     H         L      
                                N     T         Y      
                                I     U         Z      
                                V     B A R O M E T E R
                                O       U              
                                R       T              
              A               B E N E V O L E N T      
              U   C                     M              
              D   A B A N D O N   B I M O N T H L Y    
              I   R                     B              
              E   B   B I O D I V E R S I T Y          
              N   U   R                 L              
              C A R P O P H A G O U S   E              
              E   E   N                                
                  T   C A R D I O L O G I S T          
              B   O   H                                
              A   R   I               A                
              R       A N T H R O P O L O G Y          
              B       L               A                
              E       T               B                
          A G R I C L U T U R E       A N T I D O T E  
                      B               S                
        C A L O R I M E T R Y     A S T E R O I D      
          M           S               E                
          P                           R                
A Q U A T I C                                          
          A D E N O I D                                
Across Down
4 An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure
7 Kind and helpful
9 To leave
10 Twice every month
11 The condition of nature in which a wide variety of species live in a single area
12 Feeding on fruit
13 Someone who studies the heart
16 The study of beliefs and ways of life of different people around the world
17 Farming
18 Something that stops a poison from working
19 The measurement of the amount of heat evolved or absorbed in a chemical reaction, change of state, or formation of a solution
21 A very small planet that travels around the sun
22 Living or growing in water
23 A spongy lump of flesh at the back of your nose that can become swollen, making it hard to breathe
1 A large, open container for water in which you sit and wash your whole body
2 To examine something carefully in order to understand it
3 An animal that eats meat
5 A passenger vehicle that usually has four wheels and is powered by an engine
6 The people who watch or listen to a performance, speech, or movie
8 The part of an engine where air and gasoline mix
11 Small tubes in your lungs through which air passes
14 Someone who cuts hair and trims or shaves beards
15 A smooth, white piece of stone, often used to make sculptures
20 A cold-blooded animal with a backbone that lives in water and breathes with gills when young. When it's older it breathes with lungs, and lives on land.
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