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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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3 a muscular, membranous or ligamentous wall separating two cavities or limiting a cavity.
5 gas exchange The diffusion of gases from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration, especially the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between an organism and its environment
6 he system by which ingested food is acted upon by physical and chemical means to provide the body with absorbable nutrients and to excrete waste products
7 pertaining to a capillary or capillaries.
9 the act of exhaling.
11 Anatomy. a muscular and cartilaginous structure lined with mucous membrane at the upper part of the trachea in humans, in which the vocal cords are located.
12 a conjugated protein, consisting of haem and the protein globin, that gives red blood cells their characteristic colour. It combines reversibly with oxygen and is thus very important in the transportation of oxygen to tissues
1 the tube in humans and other air-breathing vertebrates extending from the larynx to the bronchi, serving as the principal passage for conveying air to and from the lungs; the windpipe.
2 an act or instance of inhaling.
4 the system by which oxygen is taken into the body and an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place
8 an air cell of the lungs, formed by the terminal dilation of tiny air passageways.
10 ATP is a high-energy molecule found in every cell. Its job is to store and supply the cell with needed energy.
13 either of the two main branches of the trachea.
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