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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
9 separation of an ecosystem into small pieces of land
10 resources that are replaced by natural process
11 limited amount of natural resources
13 variety of ecosystems that are present in the biosphere
14 increasing concentration of toxic substances in organisms as trophic levels increase
15 number of diff. species and the relative abundance of each species in a community
16 excessive use of species that have economic value
17 variety of genes or inheritable characteristics that are present in a population
1 occurs when substances w/nitrogen and phosphorus flow into water ways and cause algae to grow
2 adding natural predators to a degraded ecosystem
3 materials found in the biosphere such as fuels, minerals, etc.
4 using organisms to detoxify polluted areas
5 variety of life in an area that is determined by the number of species
6 event in which a large % of species become extinct
7 species that are only found in that area
8 gradual process of becoming extinct
12 diff. environmental conditions that occur along the boundaries of an ecosystem
18 an entire species that is permanently wiped out from the biosphere
19 using resources at a rate in which they can be replaced
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