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Biology Crossword Crossword Puzzle

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Biology Crossword

Find the word for each definition

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Across Down
6 Anything that occupies space
10 When water is the solvent
11 Substance that is made up of 2 or more elements
12 The numer of atoms in a element
17 Changes in a new substance
18 Element that makes up less then .01 percent of your body
19 When 2 atoms share electrons
20 A positive charge in the nucleus
21 A chemical bond that occurs when an atom transfers an electron to another atom
22 Elements with alternate forms
23 Starting materials for a reaction
25 When a compound donates H+ ions to a solution
27 Total amount of energy in random movement
32 A weak bond between a hydrogen atom and a negative atom
1 The measure of the average energy in random movement
2 When difrent molecules stick together
3 A solution that doesn't allow change to the pH
4 When molecules of the same kind stick together
5 A negative charge around the nucleus
7 Isotope with a nucleus that can decay
8 The greater amount of substance in a solution is called the ___________
9 When 2 or more atoms become electrically charged they are reffered to a _______
13 The lesser amount of substance in a solution is called the _________
14 When a compound removes H+ ions from a solution
15 Smallest possible particle
16 A molecule with opposite charges on opposite ends
24 A neutral charge in the nucleus
26 Ending materials in a reaction
28 A pure substance that can not be broken down
29 Describes how acidic or basic a solution is
30 2 or more atoms are held together by colvant bonds froms a ________
31 A uniform mixture of 2 or more substances
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