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Biology Habitats And Adaptations Crossword Puzzle

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Biology Habitats and Adaptations

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Across Down
1 Approximate percentage of water covers the Earth's surface (word form).
5 Due to poor light absorption, some marine mammals have evolved to use this…
7 Above ground roots that a mangrove uses to store oxygen.
8 The type of vision that allows animals to see in front, at the sides and even partly behind their head.
13 A type of camouflage where animals have spots or stripes to blend in.
16 The purposeful movement of animals from one place to another.
17 Special characteristics or features that assist with survival.
19 Hunting in a pack is an example of what type of adaptation?
20 The number of distinct layers found in forests - word form.
21 A deep winter sleep.
22 The ability to judge distances visually
24 The type of adaptation that concerns how an organism's body works.
1 The type of adaptation that concerns the physical features of an organism.
2 Organisms that live in a watery environment.
3 The physical environment in which a particular type of organism lives.
4 A word often used to describe 'salt' water.
6 A type of camouflage where animals try to match the background colour.
9 Organisms that live predominantly in trees.
10 Many plants living in this type of habitat have waxy leaves to reduce water loss.
11 An area in which many trees over 5m in height grow close together
12 Branch-like structures growing out of the stems of Mangrove trees to help keep them upright
14 Groups of organisms living together.
15 Organisms that live on the land.
18 A low-lying area of standing water.
23 An animal that has specialized hooves allowing them to grip rocks.
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