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Biotechnology & Genomics Crossword Puzzle

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Biotechnology & Genomics

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Across Down
11 Free-living organism in the environment that has had a foreign gene inserted into it.
12 Initiative to determine the complete sequence of the human genome and to analyze this information
15 Sequence of DNA on a chromosome that is repeated several times.
16 Repeated DNA sequence that is spread across several regions of a chromosome or across multiple chromosome
17 Study of genomes through the direct comparison of their genes and DNA sequences
19 Commercial or agricultural products that are made with or derived from transgenic organisms
20 Uses of animal organs, instead of human organs, in human transplant patients.
21 Production of identical copies. In organisms, the production of organisms with the same genes; in genetic engineering, the production of many identical copies of a gene.
22 Study of the sequence of DNA bases and the amount of genes in organisms.
24 Region of DNA that lies between genes on a chromosome.
25 Study of gene function at the genome level. It involves the study of many genes simultaneously and the use of DNA microarrays.
29 Enzyme that links DNA fragments; used during the production of recombinant DNA to join foreign DNA to vector DNA.
30 Study of whole genomes
31 Correction of a detrimental mutation by the addition of a new DNA and its insertion in a genome
32 DNA sequence capable of randomly moving from one site to another in the genome
33 Extra-chromosomal ring of accessory DNA in the cytoplasm of bacteria
34 Collection of proteins resulting from the translation of genes into proteins
1 Thousands of different single-stranded DNA fragments arranged in an array (grid) on a glass slide; used to detect and measure gene expression.
2 Production of pharmaceuticals using transgenic farm animals.
3 An individual's genome, including any possible mutations.
4 Gene that codes for the same protein, even if the base sequence may be different
5 Study of the complete collection of proteins that an organism produces.
6 DNA that has been synthesized from mRNA by the action of reverse transcriptase
7 Repetitive DNA sequence in which the repeats occur one after another in the same region of a chromosome.
8 Computer technologies used to the study the genome
9 In genetic engineering, a means to transfer foreign genetic material into a cell e.g., a plasmid
10 Technique that uses the enzyme DNA polymerase to produce millions of copies of a particular piece of DNA
13 Organism that carries the genes of another organism as a result of DNA technology.
14 DNA cloning to produce many identical copies of the same gene
18 Bacterial enzyme that stops viral reproduction by cleaving viral DNA; used to cut DNA at specific points during production of recombinant DNA
23 DNA that contains genes from more than one source
26 Gene therapy in which normal genes are injected directly into an organism to treat a condition often due to a faulty gene.
27 Gene therapy in which cells are removed from an organism and DNA injected to correct genetic defect; the cells are returned to the organisms to treat a disease or disorder.
28 Procedure of analyzing DNA in which PCR and gel electrophoresis are used to create an individual band pattern with each one being unique because each person has their own of repeats at different locations.
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