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Bird Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                  F L Y                    
                                  U       F A T       V    
                          O   B A R B     E           A    
                      F   P       C       A I R S A C S    
          S           O   T       U       T                
          H           U   I       L       H O L L O W      
          E         P R E C O C I A L     E                
        B L A D D E R                     R                
          L         O R N I T H O L O G I S T              
            P       E N D O T H E R M I C                  
        K E R A T I N                     S E P T U M      
            E       T                         Y            
            E     B R O O D P A T C H         G I Z Z A R D
            N       I                     C   O            
                    C E R E B E L L U M   R   S T E R N U M
      A             U                     O   T            
      V E N T R I C L E S   C   A         P   Y            
      E   A     N   U       A   M   C     M   L E F T      
      S   V     T   S M A L L I N T E S T I N E            
          I     E       L   C   I   R     L                
          G   C R O P   T   I   O   E     K                
C L O A C A     N       R   U   T   B                      
          T     A   S   I   M   I   R                      
    B O N E S   L   A   C       S   U                      
    E               R   I   W       M O L T I N G          
    A           U R I C A C I D                 A          
    K               N   L   N                   L          
                    X       G                   L          
Across Down
1 All body systems in birds have modifications that help them do this
2 Energy for migration comes from stored ' '
5 In a bird feather, this is the branch of a vine
7 Used to store air and keep oxygating air even when exhaling
9 Birds bones are ' '
10 Birds that lay many eggs and incubate them for long periods to hatch ' ' young that can walk and get food as soon as they hatch
11 Birds do not have a urinary ' '
12 A bird scientist
14 Birds are ' ' because they make their own body heat
15 Feathers are made of this
16 divides lower portion of heart into 2 separate ventricles
18 Featherless patch of skin on abdomen
19 lower portion of stomache that helps knead and crusg food
21 This is larger for birds because of muscle coordination during flight
22 breastbone to which flight muscles are attached
24 a birds heart has 2 artria and 2 ' '
30 Birds only have ONE ovary and oviduct on the ' ' side of the body
31 The ' ' is made up of ileum and duodenum.
33 Enlargement of esophagus where food is stored and moistened
34 in birds, the eggs pass from oviducts into a multipurpose cavity called the ' ' before leaving the body
36 The air sacs in birds extend to their ' ' to make them more dense
38 Birds lose their feathers and replace them with this process
40 a nitrogen waste that bird's kidneys filter from the blood to the cloaca
1 Fused with collarbone that stabalize the shoulder joint during flight
2 Thin bird skin is covered with this
3 tubes that carries sperm from the testes to the cloaca
4 Bird brains have larger ' ' lobes in their brain for keener vision
6 A bird heart has this many chambers
8 The hard outer ' ' in an imniotic egg protects the embryo growing inside
10 1st chamber of the stomache where acid and enzymes digest food
13 Birds straighten and rub themselves with oil from this gland
17 Terminal fused vertabrae that support the tail feathers
20 In some birds, the crop secretes a nutricious milk-like liquid called ' '
23 Birds belong to this class
25 Birds ' ', or find their way, by the position of the stars and sun, geographical landmarks, and the Earth's magnetic field
26 Birds have this kind of fertilization
27 A bird egg has a ' ' carbonate in the shell to make it hard
28 egg with 4 membranes and outer shell
29 Birds use this to exhibit higher thinking skills
32 these kind of young are born naked, blind, and helpless
35 is at the base of the trachea and produces bird's song
36 Birds have this instead of teeth
37 The forelimbs of birds have been modified into this for flight
39 Bile made in liver is stored in this kind of bladder
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