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Black Boy Crossword Puzzle

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Black Boy

9       10   11                          
                12             13        
    14                       15          
Across Down
5 Rory was __________ by her book that she didn't even see the dog eat her sandwich.
6 Dan had a ______ of counting his fingers before going to sleep.
7 Liza has been a very __________ woman ever since her sister got her in trouble for stealing a book from the local library.
8 James was always _________ for help in school.
9 Arnold's dreams were always so _____ because it was as if they were real.
12 It appears the retired Dr. Stern had a certain _________ for his past profession.
14 Janet's _________ got her out of running the mile and writing a three paged essay on why she shouldn't talk back to her teachers.
15 When Tony won his award, his friends busted into a ______ with whooping and hollering.
1 Joey's _______ didn't kick in until he realized his final grade of the year depended on him acing his math test.
2 When my mother was pregnant, all she did was _____ for cherries and tuna.
3 Juliette sung her song ________ because she was so proud of herself for writing it all on her own.
4 Katy's mother pursued her ____________ until she joined the history club.
10 It was heartbreaking to witness his disabled grandfather's ________ that he was still able to walk.
11 Jack wandered through the school, _______ through a window until he spotted a shovel next to a hole.
13 Jake created an ________ to blame Annie for the prank.
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