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Blood Crossword Puzzle

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5 Increased numbers of circulating platelets.
7 The hormone that triggers red blood cell production.
9 Substances essential to the proper formation of the components of blood.
11 Leukocyte formation.
12 75% of the CO2 carried in blood is in this form.
13 Overproduction of red blood cells.
14 Rare genetic conditions that Interfere with the intrinsic pathway of coagulation.
15 The process of red blood cell production.
16 The oxygen-carrying molecule found within red blood cells.
20 The process of blood cell formation.
23 White blood cells.
1 The first step in haemostasis.
2 Leukocytes that are activated as part of inflammatory response.
3 Another name for thrombocytes.
4 The site of erythropoietin production.
5 Generalised bleeding disorder due to reduced numbers of circulating platelets.
6 The most common leukocyte in a normal blood smear.
8 the fluid component of whole blood.
10 Reduced oxygen carrying capacity.
17 Prevention of blood loss after blood vessel injury.
18 The leukocyte precursors of tissue macrophages.
19 The greenish-yellow breakdown product of haemoglobin excreted in bile.
20 The proportion of whole blood that is cells.
21 Leukocytes activated to defend against parasites.
22 A red blood cell.
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