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Blood And Blood Vessels Crossword Puzzle

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Blood and Blood Vessels

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5 Oxygen is carried around the blood vessels in the red blood cells. Name the chemical that the red blood cells contain to carry the oxygen.
6 Arteries have a very thick wall to withstand the high _________________
7 Exchange takes places at the capillaries. Oxygen and glucose move into the cells for __________________
8 Blood vessels with a wall that is just one cell thick
10 Process by which substances such as oxygen are exchanged between the blood in the capillaries and the cells
13 Blood vessels with a bigger __________________ to their lumen have a greater rate of flow.
14 transports blood away from the heart
15 Arteries have lots of this type of tissue so that they can stretch when the blood enters and spring back to maintain the blood pressure
16 What shape do the red blood cells have to increase their surface area for the fast uptake and release of oxygen.
18 Feature of capillaries that give them a large surface area
19 Transports blood to the heart
1 Rate of flow = volume of blood__________________ by number of minutes
2 Capillaries are so _________________ that only one red blood cell can pass through at a time.
3 Space in the centre of the blood vessel that the blood travels through
4 Carbon dioxide made in respiration diffuses out of the cells and into the blood in the capillaries. Which part of the bool carries the carbon dioxide?
5 What creates the high blood pressure in the arteries?
9 Having walls that are only one cell thick gives a fast rate of diffusion because the diffusion pathway is __________.
11 What is plasma mainly made from?
12 Name a waste substance that is made in liver cells and diffuses into the capillaries to be transported to the kidneys in the plasma.
17 Prevent backflow of blood in the veins
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