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Bones Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 Forms the lower and back part of the hip bone
7 Kneecap
9 One of the two large bones in the forearm
11 Long curved bone that forms the ribcage
14 Forms the sole of the foot
15 The second of seven bones in the cervical spine that creates a pivot that allows the atlas to rotate.
16 Bone that forms the prominent part of the cheek and the outer side of the eye socket
17 Runs parallel to the Tibia
18 Bone that forms the back and base of the skull
19 These bone forms your ankle and heal
20 Uppermost and widest of 3 bones in the pelvis
22 Toes
23 Heal bone
26 Pubic Bone
27 Shinbone
28 One of the two large bones in the forearm
29 Triangular bone at base of spine
1 Breastbone
2 The bridge of the nose
3 Thigh bone
4 Jaw bone
6 Funny Bone
8 A bone forming the central side and upper back part of each side of the skull
10 Tailbone
12 Collar bone
13 The bone that forms the front part of the skull and the upper part of the eye sockets.
14 Bones between the wrist and fingers
21 Pair of bones that form part of the side of the skull on each side and enclose the middle and inner ear
23 Bones that make up the wrist
24 Top vertebra
25 Shoulder blade
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