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Brain Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 The arched white matter found in the center of the cerebrum that connects the two hemispheres of the brain
5 The thin outer rim on the surface of the brain where memory storage, processing, and conscious and subconscious regulation of skeletal movement occur
7 Cells that make up the lining of the ventricles of the brain and spinal cord that help in producing spinal fluid
8 The region of the brain located behind the brain stem. The arbor vitae resides here
9 'Protector' cells of the nervous system that support, protect, and insulate the axons by helping to form the myelin sheaths
10 Located in the lower half of the brainstem, connecting to the pons. It regulates the vital functions of breathing, swallowing, and heart rate
13 A type of brain cell that supplies nutrients to the neuron
14 White, fatty substance that wraps around an axon
15 Regions of the brain that lie at a deeper depth; the area where neurological nerve tracts are housed
1 Tentacle like structures that extend from the cell body of the neuron and reach out to other neurons
2 The main part of the brain composed of the two hemispheres
3 An electrical conducting cell of the nervous system
4 The two halves of the brain, right and left
6 'Garbage Collector' cells of the brain that kill unwanted organisms and remove waste products produced by the neurons
11 General term for the glia cells of the brain that support nerves. Glia comes from the Greek word meaning 'glue'
12 The part of the neuron through which electrical impulses travel away from the body of the nerve cell to other nerve cells. It is wrapped in a white fatty substance called myelin sheath
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