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Brands That Make Mods For Jeeps Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Brands That Make Mods For Jeeps


          G O O D Y E A R                  
            F         W                    
K C H I L I T E S     A                    
            H         R                    
    W A L K E R E V A N S     W            
            G               J E E P        
    S U P E R W I N C H       L            
            I                 L            
          A D A M S D R I V E S H A F T    
        C   M                 V     O      
        O   O                 I     X      
        O   T E R A F L E X   L     S      
        P   O                 L     H O F X
      G E N R I G H T         E     O      
        R   S           P           X      
            P O I S O N S P Y D E R        
            O           C         I        
          P R O C O M P   S   N   G        
            T             P   I   I        
            S M I T T Y B I L T   D        
                  O       C   T J          
                  Y       E   O            
                  O       R                
Across Down
2 Make a tire called the mtr and Jason has them on his raptor.
5 This brand is known for a cover that goes over the light that smiles and says daylighter.
6 They make beadlock rims and Jenn Hallock has them on her jeep. The website is walkerevansracing.com.
8 What everyone owns in the club.
9 The winch Sally has on her jeep and the winch Russ has on his jeep.
10 They make driveshafts and Jason has a sticker for them on his windshield on the jeep.
13 There saying is get the teraflex advantage today.
14 The name of the jeep club in Canton.
15 Jason and Lisa are ambassadors of this company.
17 There logo is a spider.
19 There website is procompusa.com.
22 Tommy had these fender flares from this company before he switched to fab-four.
24 This jeep model was made from 1997 to 2006 and was a 2 door model. Sally's old jeep was one of these.
1 They have a big Jeep jamboree in Columbiana, Ohio.
3 The company Tommy started.
4 Have been making winches since 1974 and a winch called Zeon 10-S Platinum.
7 The club goes here most black fridays and they have trails called ugly, twister, and powerline.
11 The shox Lisa got for christmas.
12 Make a tire called the stt pros and Lisa has them on her jeep.
16 They make performance steering components and make power steering replacements.
18 There website is rigidindustries.com.
20 This company makes ultimate dana 60s.
21 Make a tire called the trail grapplers.
23 Make a tire called open country M/T and Tommy popped this tire brand in the parade.
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