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Brazil Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 the type of forrest the Amazon is
4 people who colonized Brazil in the 1500s
5 adopted in 1988 which caused a stable government
6 resides a president, a Congress, and a judiciary
9 Latin-American natives
11 the most practiced religion in Brazil
14 another rare african religion practiced in Brazil
17 the longest river in South America
18 the president and head of government in Brazil
19 a smaller river in Brazil
1 people who discovered the Latin-American natives
3 a Portuguese emperor who made Brazil an independent empire
4 a religion that is practiced rarely but is slowly increasing
7 people who helped the Portuguese colonize Brazil
8 one of the two large mountains ranges
10 one of the two rare african religion practiced in Brazil
12 the other popular mountain range
13 is completely based as a representative democracy
15 a type of government which Brazil struggled with for years
16 a religion that is close to extinction
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