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Brick Work Crossword Puzzle

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Brick Work

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Across Down
1 These are usually added to ready mixed concrete to make it stronger.
3 A one piece ladder.
4 LXWXD calculates this.
6 A soft stone that easily deteriorates in adverse weather conditions.
7 RIDDOR, stands for 'reporting injuries dagerous .................diseases occurances regulations'.
8 The chemical reaction that occurs when cement and water come together.
9 A type of flooring that does not connect with walls to minimise sound transmission.
13 Beams, columns and cantilever floors are usually used on these types of buildings.
15 This identifies how wet or dry a concrete mix is.
16 A fire extinguisher that should not be used on an electrical fire.
17 Concrete is very good in compression but weak in this.
18 The name given to the sides of ladders.
19 These regulations cover all constructuion work lasting more than 30 days other than domestic.
20 Where steel reinforcement should be placed in a typical concrete lintol.
21 The process of drying out and setting of concrete.
2 These foundations are used on sloping sites.
3 Concrete items that have been made in a factory then delivered to site.
5 This is not a sustainable material.
6 Materials or building methods that have minimal impact on the environment.
10 The common furniture beetle causes this.
11 The term given to fine and course aggregate pre mixed together.
12 This type of insulation is used between joists in roof spaces.
14 Can be added to a concrete mix to slow down the setting time.
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