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British Democracy Crossword Puzzle

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British Democracy

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Across Down
4 A key word meaning 'an area of voters who elect a representative (MP) to the House of Commons'.
5 An 'Act' of 1832 which broadened the number of men who could vote to include small landowners and shopkeepers.
6 A formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause.
7 The lower House of Parliament where elected MPs debate and agree to laws.
9 The upper House of Parliament made up of Lords selected for their knowledge and experience.
10 The leader of the Birmingham Political Union who petitioned the king for reform to the franchise.
12 A very small area able to elect an MP based on a few (sometimes just one) voters.
15 A key word meaning 'a proposed law' which becomes an 'Act' once it is passed by parliament.
16 The name given to a meeting that took place at St Peter's Field in Manchester in which 15 people were massacred and 400 wounded.
17 The number of demands made in 1838 by the Chartist Movement in 'The People's Charter'.
1 A group that made up half the population who were not allowed to vote in the early 19th Century.
2 A key word meaning 'someone with beliefs, ideas or attitudes that favour drastic political, economic and/or social reform'.
3 A key word meaning 'to be granted the vote or the state of having the vote'.
8 A key term meaning 'the right to vote in political elections'.
11 The 19th Century campaign to gain political representation and working class votes.
13 The prime minister who persauded King William IV to give royal asssent to the 'Representation of the People Act' in 1832.
14 A key word meaning 'an election where people vote/the paper on which people mark their choice'.
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