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British Empire Crossword Puzzle

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British Empire

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6 A company that would have the only permission to gather a natural resource. In return, the mother country benefits from this because they can take however much of this resource as needed.
7 An independent nation that keeps authority on all the local levels but has to fulfill certain obligations given to them by the mother country, in return the mother country takes care of any international or defense needs.
8 The baby of the British armed forces formed in 1918. The British believed that this would be the way they could unite the Empire closer together by finally being able to police the vast open areas of the Empire. However, foot soldiers proved to be su
9 The British used this to justify the method of imperialism they were practicing.
11 After this event in 1805, the British achieved domination of the seas.
13 The belief in the benefits of profitable trading and commercialism (maximizing the profit). The economic theory that trade generates wealth in a nation.
14 The war that the much smaller and less advanced Royal Navy faced the much more powerful French military, the war ended in a peace treaty.
15 The free sovereign states of the United Kingdom and also the old dependencies who decided to keep a friendship and recognize the monarch as head of their association.
1 A national policy of increasing authority and dominion in foreign countries. The British Empires method of taking foreign lands, then uniting them to the mother country, then take the raw material found in the territory.
2 The colonies where the British government granted a personal freedom that allowed them to govern themselves. They became sovereign countries in 1931.
3 Very tiny numbers compared to other European Nations.
4 It was the only thing the British did not have a monopoly in however it improved the nation the most.
5 The only armed service in Great Britain that was not given the title 'Royal'. They had a bad reputation of betraying and letting down the Monarch. After the English Civil War when the army betrayed the Monarch, the Monarchs never kept a large number
10 A group of overseas territories that are under the control of the British government or by a British company if the Monarch granted them a charter. Usually ran locally by a Governor who was selected by the Monarch.
12 Known as being the Senior armed service in Great Britain. It was crucial for defending Great Britain because they are an island nation. It also ensured the safe flow of trade to Britain.
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