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Brush And Roller Parts Crossword Puzzle

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Brush and Roller Parts

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Across Down
4 what is the sprung metal cage on a roller called.
6 what is used with a roller cage and the material is wrapped around a plastic or resin core called.
7 hooks that hold the paint on the brush without it dripping off.
8 the best roller handles have an -------- thread
10 this is the type of pole which can be fitted to a roller to reach higher parts.
13 ------- fibres are obtained from grass and plants.
14 do not use brushes in paints that contain solvents that will -------- the setting, resulting in bristle loss
17 what do you call a roller with two ends attached to the sleeve.
18 what is the adhesive called to glue all the bristles together.
20 what type of handles do cheaper ones have.
1 the metal part of the paintbrush between the handle and the filling.
2 handles are dipped in this to provide a smooth hard wearing coating.
3 water based paints are also called -------.
4 the part of the brush made up of man-made or natural bristles.
5 oil based paints are also known as ------- based paint.
6 horse mane hair is ----,horse tail hair is stiff.
7 natural ----------- helps the brush spring back into place after each brush stroke.
9 one of the methods used to fix the ferrule to the handle
11 the ------- of the hair determines the finished application of paint being good or bad.
12 the part you hold the brush by.
15 the two main types of animal hairs are from --- and horse.
16 this is the area where all the brush is fixed together.
19 a filament that is man-made.
21 the bristle ------ from root to tip.
22 what type of ferrule is mainly used with water based paints.
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