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Burns Island Crossword Puzzle

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Burns Island

                                      3       4      
                    6                               7
      12                                 13            
            14                                     15  
23         24       25                                  
Across Down
1 Harmful or offensive touching of another
2 Standard of care
9 Doctrine that states employers are liable for the torts of their employees
10 First step in a trial
14 Defendant
16 To stand on previously decided cases
17 Liability without fault
18 Law to establish personal jurisdiction when there are minimum contacts
19 Defense in negligence illustrated by the 'donkey' case
20 Glue that binds a contract
21 Established in the USSC case of Marbury v. Madison
23 An element of negligence that focuses on foreseeability
1 Your professor's class
3 Jury selection
4 Process of gathering information
5 Placing a person in fear or apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive touching
6 Federal statute enacted to maximize penalties for certain white collar crimes
7 Pleading that sets forth allegations upon which relief should be granted
8 Burden of proof in a criminal case
11 Agreement between two or more parties
12 Landmark USSC case focusing on negligence elements of duty and causation
13 Civil wrong
15 Also known as judge-made law and based on English custom
22 Larceny plus force or fear
23 The party that brings an action against another party
24 Professor's preference in the world of comics
25 Personal property
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