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Business Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 the form of business organization is most suitable for very large businesses
4 the owners of a company cannot be held responaible for the debts of the company they own.
5 groups of people who agree to work together and pool their resources.
6 It is a business owned and operated by just one person
7 one essential difference between a company and an unincorporated business,such as a sole trader or partnership
8 a legal requirement for all companies.All shareholders may attend.They vote what they want to be on the Board of Directors for the coming year.
9 a detailed document issued by the directors of a company when they are converting it to public limited company status.It is an invitation to the general public to buy shares in the newly formed plc.
10 which be wholly owned by the state or central government.They are usually businesses which have been nationalised
11 a group or association of between two and 20 people who agree to own and run a business together.
12 the owners of a limited company
13 payments made to shareholders from the profits of a company after it has paid corporation tax.They can the return to shareholders for investing in the company
1 a business based upon the use of the brand names,promotional logos and trading methods of an existing successful business
3 one that does not have a separate legal identity.
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