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Business Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 A business owned and controlled by just one person.
3 One who has no explicit or implicit contract for long-term employment.
4 Businesses that complete activities that are conconsumed by customers rather than offering products for sale.
5 A diagram that shows the structure of an organization, classifications of jobs, and the relationships among those classifications.
7 A short, specific written statement of the reason a business exists and what it wants to accomplish.
9 A separate legal entity, formed by documents filed with the state, which is owned by one or more shareholders and managed by a board of directors.
10 A written agreement among all owners that specifies the rules and procedures that guide ownership and operations.
12 A business owned and controlled by two or more people who have entered into a written agreement.
13 Businesses involved in selling the goods and services of producers to consumers and other businesses.
14 A written contract granting permission to operate a business to sell products and services in a prescribed way.
1 A written legal document that identifies ownership and operating procedures and conditions for the business.
6 Guidelines used in making consistent decisions.
8 Descriptions of the way work is to be done.
11 A specific statement of results the business expects to achieve.
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