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Business And Economics Crossword Puzzle

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Business And Economics

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Across Down
4 Production and consumption of goods and services
5 make something available to use
9 An association of people collectively using their skills to achieve something
11 To have plenty of something
12 Any general commercial operation
13 A gain of money
14 Someone who uses goods and services
17 The desire to purchase, buy something
18 Management of a large sum of money
19 Company invested in a business
20 Something you desire but you don't need for survival
1 Buying or selling of goods, exchange
2 Something that comes in the form of coins or notes
3 Person or company engaged in commerce or a service
6 Someone who owns a business or company
7 Something essential for survival
8 Payment of money needed before you can buy something
10 Any type of work that someone can undertake, paid or not
13 Person or business that produces products for consumers
15 A compulsory contribution to the government, money to pay for things like roads and schools
16 A good or service made for consumption by a producer
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