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Business Basics Crossword Puzzle

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Business Basics

Complete the crossword on basic business concepts

                    1     2                    
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Across Down
3 The sector in which the government funds the business
5 The name for money coming and out of a business
7 Ownership type that means they sell shares on the stock market
10 Ownership type where you buy the name and products
11 The sector where products and services are sold
13 The name given when promoting a business
14 A business owned by 1 person
15 The sector where businesses deal with raw materials
16 Where a business is has between 2 and 20 owners
19 The sector where manufacturing takes place
1 A method of deciding to employ a person
2 The word which means you would have to pay if a business went bankrupt
4 The point when a business is not making or losing money
6 A business that has over 250 employees
7 Ownership where shares are sold to friends and family
8 A business size that has between 1 and 99 employees
9 The best method of selling goods to people
12 When money comes into a business
17 The sector in which the businesses are out to make a profit
18 A business size that has between 100 and 249 employees
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