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Business Goals Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Business Goals

                S O C I A L J U S T I C E          
                S H A R E H O L D E R              
      P R O F I T                                  
                A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y        
              M A R K E T S H A R E                
                E N V I R O N M E N T A L          
          I N T E G R I T Y                        
                V                           G     R
                E                           R     E
        T O T A L C O S T S   S             O     V
                O             H             W     E
                P R O F I T M A X I M I S A T I O N
                M             R             H     U
                E             E                   E
P R O M O T I O N                                  
                T O T A L R E V E N U E            
Across Down
1 Policies adopted by the business to promote fair and equal treatment of staff and customers
2 Owner of a company
3 Money received from sales after costs are subtracted
4 Being responsible for actions
5 The portion of the industry sales for a product
6 The terms used to describe business goals associated with sustainability
7 Honesty and strong moral principles
10 Total expenses
12 The largest difference between the total revenue and costs
13 Refers to an activity of the business to market their products or services
14 Total sales x price
1 Meeting the needs of the population without compromising future generations
8 Term used to describe a business which desires to expand
9 Money received from sales
11 Part ownership of a company
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