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Business Law Crossword Puzzle

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Business Law

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Across Down
4 Established under Article III of the Conssitution
6 Provides that no person 'shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself'
8 Constitutional clasuse giving Congress the general implied authority
9 Established under Article I of the Constitution
10 Constitutional clause that makes clear of federal law is supreme to state law
11 Main provisions of the Constitution
12 Constitutional clause portecting individuals from being deprived of 'life, libery, or property'
13 Protects individual citizens rights to be secure in their 'persons, houses, papers, and effects'
15 System checks and balances created by the Constitution
17 Established under Article II of the Constitution
20 Powers that are explicity granted to the 3 branches of government
1 Most stringent standard of scurtiny applied b the courts constitutional issues
2 Lowest level of scrutiny applied by courts decising constitutional issues
3 First ten amendments to the Constitution
5 Constitutional clause giving Congress the power to regulate
7 Middle level of scrutiny aplied by courts deciding constitutional issues
14 Legal authority that a court must have before hearing a case
16 Introductory part of the Constitution
18 System in which a national government coexists
19 Power to override state law that is granted by the Supremacy Clause
21 Changes made to the Constitution
22 Principle that the government must respect all legal rights owed to a person
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