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Business Law Crossword Puzzle

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Business law

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Across Down
2 serious crime.
5 a person is one on land if they enter by invitation, express or implied.
8 unlawful touching of another.
10 desire to cause the consequences of an act.
11 believe that society should provide all members with equal amounts of goods and services irrespective of their relative contributions
12 preliminary examination of potential jurors.
15 law dealing with the establishment, duties, and powers of agencies in the executive branch of the government.
16 where the act or omission played a substantial part in bringing about or actually causing the injury or damage and where the injury or damage was either a direct result or a reasonably probable consequence of the act or omission.
18 power of the courts to determine the constitutionality of legislative and executive acts.
19 quantifies in monetary terms the benefits and cost of alternatives.
21 first power of the federal government to regulate matters within its powers to the possible exclusion of state regulation.
22 rules issued by an administrative agency establishing its organization, method of operation, and rules of conduct for practice before it.
23 substantive rules issued by an administrative agency under the authority delegated to it by the legislation.
24 federal law takes precedence over conflicting state laws
29 legal obligation requiring a person to preform or refrain from preforming an act.
1 nonbinding process in which a third party acts as an intermediary between disputing parties.
3 grand jury charge that the defendant should stand trial.
4 person making a promise.
6 An agreement between two or more people which creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing.
7 unlawful attempted battery.
9 transfer of title to goods from seller to buyer for a price.
11 allocation of powers among the legislation, executive, and judicial branches of government.
13 legal capacity to require another person to preform or refrain from preforming an act.
14 unlawful constraint exercised upon a person.
17 includes performance of all acts necessary to render it complete.
20 a rational person possesses inherent powers to assess the correctness of actions
25 justice administered according to fairness, as contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law.
26 wrongful or overt act.
27 the price of something
28 Study of what is right or good for human beings
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