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Business Law Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Business Law Terms

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Across Down
4 decision of a court of equity
9 criminal intent
11 stresses equality of opportunity rather than of results
12 prohibition against the statesí retroactively modifying public and private contracts
15 a concept applied by the courts in product liability cases in which the seller is liable for any and all defective or hazardous products which threaten a consumers health or safety
16 the parties to a contract must manifest by words or conduct that they have agreed to enter into a contract
18 plaintiffs express or implied consent to encounter a known danger
19 moral actions are those that produce the greatest net pleasure compared with net pain
20 right of the people or government to take private property for public use upon giving fair consideration
22 Stress market outcomes as the basis for distributing societyís rewards
24 expression related to the economic interests of the speaker and its audience
25 the cause which induces a contracting party to enter a contract
29 A private or civil wrong or injury
1 less serious crime
2 the party against whom legal action is sought
3 accused is informed of the crime against them and enters a plea
5 writ or process directed to the sheriff or other proper office requiring that they notify a person action has been taken against them and give them a day and time to appear in court
6 oral defilement
7 person privileged to enter or remain on land
8 the giving or pronouncing of a judgment in a case
10 entire set of activities engaged in by administrative agencies while carrying out their rulemaking, enforcement, and adjudicative functions
13 making threats to obtain property
14 the party who initiates a civil suit
17 defamation communicated by writing, television, radio, or the like
21 the pretrial devises that can be used by one party to obtain facts about the case from the other party involved
23 injury of a personís reputation by publication of false statements
25 the parties to a contract must have contractual capacity
26 holds that actions must be judged by their motives and means as well as their results
27 the reference of a dispute to an impartial (third) person chosen by the parties
28 a final disposition made by an agency
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