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Business Management Crossword Puzzle

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Business Management

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Across Down
2 Decides the company goals and the actions needed to complete them.
3 Assigns jobs to the employee's to complete the tasks needed to meet the goals set.
4 Basic truth or law
6 A skill where you can understand and work well with people.
7 Decides how to handle issues and how to use the companys resources to better the company.
8 Guides and motivates staff and acts as a role model in the workplace.
9 The very top of the Management pyramid
10 Department head and sales managers fall in this level of management.
12 The ability to group skills so it all comes together as a whole.
15 Contains CEO's and COO's
17 Runs with less than 100 employee's
1 People who launch and run their own bussiness
5 Makes sure day to day operations run smoothly.
11 Ensures financial goals are being met.
13 Provides guidance and serves as a role model to employee's.
14 Picks how many people and what kind of people for bussiness tasks.
16 A barrier for women and minorities blocking them to go higher in the job field.
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