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Business Management Crossword Puzzle

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Business Management

      2   3                      
  9 10                            
Across Down
2 a way to measure how well the product or service is performing
5 companies will try to increase sales revenue or decrease cost in order to increase this
6 right to private property, competition, set prices, produce or buy whatever goods or services you want
7 person who has authority over job duties and employees
8 a manager who earns the respect and cooperation of employees to effectively accomplish the work of the organization
9 a leader who discusses ideas and concerns with employees before making a decision
1 specific, meaningful, achievable, clearly communicated, and consistent with overall company expectations
3 a leader who makes decisions about employee duties and problem solving
4 in order to achieve this, a company can focus on specialization, better technology, or reorganize activities
10 identifying right and wrong behavior within a workplace, culture, or other organization
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