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Business Organizations Crossword Puzzle

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Business Organizations

Complete Puzzle Below

          2                           3      
Across Down
1 business owned and operated by one person
2 special form of partnership in which one or more partners have limited liability but no voice in management
4 a beginning business enterprise
5 owner of a business
6 person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business in order to gain profits
7 all items to which a business or household holds legal claim
8 extra supply of the items used in a business, such as raw materials or goods for sale
9 income received from the sale of goods and/or services
10 business that two or more individuals own and operate
11 partnership set up for a specific purpose for a short period of time
1 private or government funded agency that assists new businesses by providing advice or low-rent buildings and supples
3 share of ownership in a corporation that entitles the buyer to a certain part of the future profits and assets of the corporation
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