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Business Organizations Crossword Puzzle

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Business Organizations

                                    1   2                    
                                              3   4          
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Across Down
1 authorization to operate a business
6 owned and operated by a group for their shared benefit
8 business owned and managed by an individual
9 ownership structure of a company
10 a corporation with the advantage of not paying corporate income tax
13 a business which is owned by a group of stockholders
14 an agreement between partners
16 a merger combination fo two ro more firms competing in the same market
18 payments to employees other than wages
19 corporation that produces and sells in more than one country
20 two or more firms involved in different stages of producing the same good
22 promote the interests of particular industries
25 certificate that the state government gives as a license to form a corporation
2 merging three businesses with unrelated products
3 a business with a parent company
4 functions like a business but the purpose is not to generate profit
5 certificate of ownership
7 works to improve the image, working conditions, and skill levels of people
11 corporation that issues stock to only a few people
12 publicly held corporation sells stock to the
15 business organization owned by two or more
17 money and other valuables
21 legal obligation to pay debts
23 formal contract promising to repay borrowed money
24 profits paid out to stockholders
26 payments given to the franchiser
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