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Business Tech Crossword Puzzle

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Business Tech

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Across Down
1 a section of the network that includes the cable and nodes that are connected to a device.
5 used to connect two network segments together.
8 allows you to provide instructions to your computer so that it knows what to do.
9 include the physical pieces used to transport data from one computer to another.
10 used to connect protocols, or protocol stacks, to the NIC.
12 each computer is connected to every other computer by separate cabling.
15 determines the sequence in which the operating system runs the protocol.
16 the process of changing the digital signal to an analog signal on the sending computer.
17 encode information numerically, using 0's and 1's.
19 a combination of protocols.
21 stretches out in different directions from a central location.
22 refers to the transfer and routing of information between a variety of network types.
23 signal overflow from an adjacent wire.
24 hardware device that is used to network multiple computers together.
27 two or more computer systems connected together to exchange data.
28 hiring an outside company to handle various information technology.
31 define how network devices communicate with each other.
32 a computer that requests, or orders, information from a server.
33 distinct pieces of information, such as a file or entries in a database.
34 one portion of a journey between two points.
2 absorbs signals and keeps them from bouncing back along the trunk.
3 breaking traffic into small pieces.
4 simple devices used to extend the reach of a network.
6 an organized, logical structure in which a data packet from the Network Layer can be placed.
7 in token passing, computers pass a small collection of bits called.
10 send digital signals over a single channel.
11 a highly structured dialogue between two workstations.
13 network is dependable.
14 a software networking product that runs on top of existing hardware.
18 refers to the way the computers are cabled together.
20 a device that is connected to a computer and controlled by its microprocessor.
25 the amount of data that can be transmitted in a given amount of time.
26 hybrids that combine the capabilities of bridges and routers.
29 a device with a keyboard and a monitor that is connected to a mainframe.
30 stray electronic signals.
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