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Calculus Crossword Puzzle

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                                                2                     3                  
                                            6                     7                      
                                                      8               9                  
                                  12                                   13                  
                            18                                   19                        
                                  21                                 22                    
                      24     25                                                            
            29 30                                                                          
                                33                           34   35                        
                          36                                     37                        
                          38   39         40   41   42     43                                  
  45                                                             46                        
Across Down
4 A geometric figure produced by cutting a cone by a plane parallel to the axis of rotation of the cone; eccentricity is greater than 1
8 A symbol for the change of something.
9 A circle of radius 1 whose center is at the origin.
10 Any point of intersection of two sides of a polygon or plane surfaces of a solid.
11 The set of y-values that the function takes on for each x-value in the domain for which the function is defined.
13 The rate of change of position with respect to time.
14 The rate of change at a particular moment.
15 Straight lines with the same slope.
16 A function with a connected graph.
18 A point at which a curve changes from concave up to concave down, or vice versa.
21 An integral without any specified limits, whose solution includes an undetermined constant C
23 A function f that gives the position f(t) of a body on a coordinate axis at time t.
25 A model for growth of a quantity for which the rate of growth is directly proportional to the amount present.
27 The reciprocal of the sine function
29 A number that cannot be written as an integer or as a quotient of two integers
31 The reciprocal of the tangent function
32 A type of conic that is u-shaped and has eccentricity equal to 1.
33 A function that is defined by applying different formulas to different parts of its domain
37 A line or curve that the graph of a relation approaches more and more closely the further the graph is followed.
38 A model for decay of a quantity for which the rate of decay is directly proportional to the amount present.
44 A class of problems in which rates of change are related by means of differentiation.
45 Any of the four sections into which the coordinate plane is divided by the coordinate axes, counted counter-clockwise.
46 The lowest point in a particular section of a graph.
47 The formula for finding the derivative of a power of a variable.
48 Any rational or irrational number.
49 A line through two points on the curve.
50 The value that a function or expression approaches as the domain variable(s) approach a specific value.
1 The derivative of a derivative. Usually written f'(x), or y'.
2 (-1)^.5
3 The area between the graph of y = f(x) and the x-axis is given by the definite integral below.
5 A limit in which f(x) increases or decreases without bound as x approaches c
6 The rate of change of velocity over time.
7 The trigonometric function that is equal in a right-angled triangle to the ratio of the side opposite the given angle to the hypotenuse.
12 A function with a graph that is not connected.
17 Often written as n!
19 A function that gives the slope of a curve.
20 The point (0, 0) in the Cartesian coordinate plane.
22 The logarithm base b of a number x is the power to which b must be raised in order to equal x.
24 (f '(x) g(x)) - (f(x) g'(x))/g(x)
26 The highest point in a particular section of a graph.
28 A unit of measurement of angles; the angle between two radii that cut off on the circumference of a circle an arc equal in length to the radius.
30 A function has a relative minimum if the derivative changes signs from negative to zero to positive.
34 The set of all real numbers between two given numbers
35 The logarithm base e of a number.
36 A function has a relative maximum if the derivative changes signs from positive to zero to negative.
39 f'(x)g(x)+f(x)g'(x)
40 A method of approximating to an integral as the limit of a sum of areas of trapezoids.
41 An indefinite integral
42 The set of all values that can be assumed by the independent variable of a function
43 In periodic functions, the height of the function at the maximum to the midline
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