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California ! Crossword Puzzle

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California !

    3             4                                    
6                     7                                
    10         11                         12   13          
    14               15                                  
            16         17                                
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                22       23     24                        
Across Down
5 Biggest size for a bed
6 This crossword, ----- is difficult, is giving me a headache.
7 California State flower
8 economic hub of california
10 A soup made of shellfish
14 English for 'réserver'
15 Famous American Actress from California
16 Reason why people came to California
17 There were 7,293 in the past 365 days
19 Victorian houses of San Francisco
22 Fancy street in L.A.
25 Nickname of Alcatraz
1 ame of famous national park
2 American for Underground
3 Famous American Writer from California
4 BasketBall Team of Los Angeles that won 16 championships
7 Every 2 weeks, someone jumps off the...
9 Where stars are not in the sky but on the ground
11 Name of the most famous Rock of Yosemite.
12 The animal on the Californian flag
13 If I -------- you, I would go to America ASAP !
18 Baseball team of San Francisco
20 Capital of California
21 President who was governor of CA
22 the name of the biggest tree in the world
23 A state that borders CA
24 Famous Califorinian Fast Food
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