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California Civil Litigation Crossword Puzzle

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California Civil Litigation

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Across Down
3 the process of resolving disputes within the framework of the judicial system
4 a law firm's bank account that holds all moneys received by attorney on behalf of clients, including money for attorney fees and costs not yet earned.
7 authority of a court to render an enforceable judgment
8 the ability to sue or defend in court
9 the phase of litigation in which information is obtained to establish the facts of a case
10 the deposit of unearned client funds with an attorney's operating funds
11 fees shared by attorneys
12 pleading containing the allegations of a plaintiff against a defendant
1 the right of a plaintiff to sue under substantive law
2 document served with the complaint requiring an appearance or default
3 authority of a superior court over cases where the amount in controversy is less than $25,000
5 claim against a judgment by a third party
6 delay or suspend
13 portion of the pleading containing the relief sought
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