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Camping Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 a soft pad to rest your heard on
6 a small house unit on the back of a truck
7 a type of row boat
8 device used to push a canoe through the water
9 a camper with its own engine
11 tiny house made of logs
13 what you sleep in while camping
14 scary stories told on camping trips
15 heat source when camping
19 twinkle in the night sky
21 a cover for what you will set your food on
23 the connector between the thruck and the trailer
24 adults who take care of campers
26 having to do with horses
30 food, when you're camping
31 metal cooking surface over a fire
32 a common campground meal
33 melted marshmellow and chocolate between two graham crackers
1 the area where you will set up you camp
2 a thick piece of material that helps keep you warm at night
3 a permit to go fishing
5 resting
6 small burnable chuncks of wood for outdoors
10 to arrange for accomodations long before your trip
12 tiny sticks that help you start a fire
16 the money you pay to stay in a campground
17 the part of a fishing pole that holds the line
18 a cloth room to sleep in when camping
20 skillful use of bow and arrows
22 a long walk in the forest
25 the actual fishing pole
27 a small house unit pulled by a truck
28 a box for cold food storage
29 small chunks of tree for burning
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