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Canada Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 What is the anthem of Canada
3 A demonym is word that identifies residents or natives of a particular place. What is Canada's demonym?
5 Only baseball team in Canada right now that plays in MLB
6 Name one official language of Canada
8 What is Canada's longest river?
9 what is one major issue in Canada in water
10 tourist attraction in the U.S. and Canada
11 Canada recieved independence from this country in 1931
16 Canada and what other country have the longest border.
18 What is the biggest ethnic group in Canada. It was the one that influenced Canada's culture.
19 Name one pro hockey team in Canada
21 number of provinces in Canada
22 What type of soda does Canada produce? What is a desert all the year?
23 An old baseball team that does not play anymore in Canada.
24 how many territories are in Canada?
25 What is the Capital of Canada?
26 Canada is the 2nd biggest country behind this country
27 What month did Canada get independence from the United Kingdom. In the summer.
1 What is the highest point in Canada
4 What season covers most of Canada?
7 Canada has a region of Rocky uplands, lakes, and swamps.
12 What product does Canada produce the most. This product is used for breakfast.
13 sport on ice that is Canada's favorite
14 A lake named after an animal that lives in the mountains.
15 ranks in per capita income
17 What is the metropolis of Canada? (biggest city)
19 What product exports Canada the most. This is a type of natural resource.
20 A National Park found in Canada in the Rocky Mountains.
22 what is the currency of Canada
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