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Canadian Celebrities Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Canadian Celebrities

            W       T  
            A       W  
            Y       A  
            N       I  
          J E P S E N  
  A D A M S     C     S
          T     A     I
  C       I     R     D
  O     A N D E R S O N
  B       B     E     E
  I       I     Y     Y
C E L I N E       G    
          B R O D E U R
          E       O   A
  C A M E R O N   R   C
    V             G   H
    R     D R A K E   E
    I                 L
N E L L Y              
Across Down
3 Born in Mission, British Colombia, she is known for her hit song Call me Maybe. Carly Rae ___________.
4 Born in Kingston, Ontario, he is Canada's most successful pop/rock singer with songs like Heaven, Summer of 69, Here I am, etc... Bryan ___________.
8 Born in Ladysmith, British Colombia, she was an iconic actress on Baywatch and is mostly known for her large bust and blond hair. Pamela _____________.
9 Born in Charlemagne, Québec, she is Québec's most famous singer _____________ Dion.
11 Born in Montreal, Quebec, this hockey player is considered as the best goalie of all time and is still playing. Martin ____________
13 Born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, he is known for the movies Titanic, Avatar, Alien, etc... James ______________.
15 Born in Toronto, Ontario, this singer is known for the acronym YOLO.
16 Born in Victoria, British Colombia, this singer's newest single is called Big Hoops. ____________ Furtado.
1 Born in Brantford, Ontario, this hockey player is known as The Great One and is the best hockey player ever. ___________ Gretzky
2 Born in Windsor, Ontario, she is one of the greatest country singer of all time with songs like Don't be Stupid, Feel like Woman,etc... Shania____________.
3 Born in London, Ontario, he became famous after posting videos of himself singing on YouTube.
5 Born in Newmarket, Ontario, he is known as Canada's funnyman. His most recent movie was Mr. Poppers Penguin in 2011. Jim _____________.
6 Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this hockey was the youngest captain to win the Stanley Cup. ____________ Crosby.
7 Born in Vancouver, British Colombia, she portrays Robin on the hit show How I met Your Mother. ___________ Smulders.
10 Born in ST-Isidore, Quebec, this ultimate fighter is the reigning Welterweight champion of the world. _____________ St-Pierre
12 Born in London, Ontario, this actress played in The Vow, The Notebook and Sherlock Holmes among others. _____________ McAdams.
14 Born in Belleville, Ontario, she is a teen-pop and pop punk singer whose name is the fourth month of the year in French. ______________ Lavigne.
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