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Cardiovascular System Crossword Puzzle

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Cardiovascular System

Use the definitions given to complete the crossword puzzle below.

                            2                     3  
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Across Down
2 The study of four congenital anomalies.
5 A deposit of fatty substance in the wall of an atery, also called plaque.
6 Peripheral vascular disease(Abv); Any abnormal condition affecting blood vessels outside the heart.
9 Thickening, hardening of the artery.
10 Insufficient pressure.
11 Hardening of fatty substance.
12 Excessive pressure.
14 Inflammation of the vein, resulting in blood clots forming within the vein.
16 Inflammation of several ateries.
17 A ruptured artery.
18 Swollen and distended veins, usually in the legs.
1 Inflammation around the heart.
3 Inflammation of the muscle layer of the heart wall.
4 Weakness in the wall of an artery resulting in localized widening of the artery.
7 Periodic ischemic attacks affecting the extremities of the body.(i.e Fingers, toes, ears and nose).
8 Coarctation of the Aorta(Abv); Severe congenital narrowing of the aorta.
12 Varicose veins in the anal region.
13 Inflammation of the vein.
15 Patent ductus Arteriosus(Abv); In which the fetal connection between the pulmonary artery and the aorta fails to close at birth.
18 Inflammation of the heart valve.
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