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Career Investigations Crossword Puzzle

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Career Investigations

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4 Actively engaged in setting goals for personal living, earning a living, a life-long learning and establishing a plan for reaching these personal goals.
5 An experience in which students seeking a better understanding of particular career specialty follow experienced workers through the course of a work day.
6 A short, informal talk with someone who works in a career that one finds interesting.
8 An academic title awarded by a college or university as an indication of the completion of a course of study that generally takes four or more years to complete.
9 A credential indicating specific training in a career specialty.
10 The act of creating and developing your own business based upon consuemr need or service.
11 A class that must be taken before another class can be taken, which often provides an introduction or foundation that will help a student be successful in the next class.
12 A specific job title with a pathway within a cluster.
15 A grouping of careers with similar skills or common themes based on industry grouping and all educational levels.
17 On-the-job training coordinated with courses of academic study leading to certified mastery of particular skills
18 A specific duty, role, or function.
1 Part-time, on-the-job learning experiences that reinforce classroom instruction. Interns can experience a career from the insice, and sometimes the experience might turn into full-time employment.
2 A broad grouping of the 16 clusters based on commonalities among clusters
3 A lifelong journey as a person works to meet their earning, learning and living goals.
4 An arrangement in which teachers coordinate classroom instruction with students' part-time work in the field.
7 Essential Knowledge and Skills. A set of knowledge and skells common to all 16 clusters.
13 Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Test that consists of verbal, math, and technical sections. The scores focus on factors that will help determine jobs that alighn with individuals' abilities.
14 Work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.
16 Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The required application in used to apply for any type of federal financial aid including grants, work study and student loans.
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