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Careers And Employment Crossword Puzzle

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Careers and Employment

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Across Down
3 A slang word for manager or person in charge.
5 The labour ____________ is look at where people in a certain area (Canada, BC) are working. Predictions can be made about what sectors will require workers in the future.
6 A cover ________ should accompany your resume.
7 This sector may involve removing and processing minerals.
8 Jobs that are only performed at certain times of the year.
12 Anything you receive in exchange for work performed.
16 This sector includes factories.
17 Many teens work in this sector as a first job.
19 A trade where workers are required to be certified by a regulatory body. Example: physiotherapist, accountant, engineer
22 A new worked learning a trade from a certified tradesperson.
24 This piece of paper, often used in conjunction with a resume and cover letter, is sometimes used by companies to screen employees.
27 This sector involves selling consumer goods and services.
28 This highlites your skills and lets an employer know what you can do.
29 Another work for having employment terminated.
30 Hourly pay.
1 This sector involves working for the government of Canada.
2 Money paid on top of a wage that is based on sales.
4 Extended health, dental, travel insurance, etc.
9 A job that comes available for a short term contract.
10 The designation given to a skilled tradesperson who has completed an apprenticeship.
11 This sector will be growing with Canada's aging population.
13 This sector may involve harvesting timber.
14 This sector involves hotel, guides and fishing lodges.
15 An acronym for a mandatory service that will pay workers a percentage of wage if they become unemployed.
18 A face to face meeting between a employer and potential employee.
20 This is often an entry level job and does not usually require much training.
21 A ________ trade means that workers are often highly trained to perform difficult tasks. Example: welder, electrician, plumber.
23 Acronym for the Act that governs working in BC.
25 When worker are paid for work performed. Example: 2 dollars per pound of produce picked.
26 This sector includes high tech manufacturing, internet publishing and scientific consulting.
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