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Careers IN Wildlife And Fisheries Management Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Careers in Wildlife and Fisheries Management

                        P     H                      
                        R     A             M        
                R       I     B             A        
                A       V     I             N        
                D       A     T             A        
                I       T     A         E   G        
          Q   C O M P L E X I T Y   T   D   E        
          U   O                     R   U   R        
V         A   N A T U R A L R E S O U R C E S        
A G E N C I E S                     S   A            
R         L   E                     T   T            
I           P R O F E S S I O N A L     I            
E             V                         O            
D           G A M E W A R D E N         N            
            W I L D L I F E B I O L O G I S T        
  P           O                         N   E        
  E           N A T U R E W A L K S     D   C        
  O           O                   T     O   H A N D S
  P       S A F E T Y             A     O   N        
  L           F                   T     R   O        
R E C R E A T I O N               E     S   L        
    A         C     A     A                 O        
    R     O N E H U N D R E D               G        
    E     U   R     I     R                 Y        
    E     T         M     I                          
    R     D         A     A                          
          O         L     L                          
          O         S                                
Across Down
7 Difficult to understand
10 The protection of our ____ ____ is one of our most important tasks. (2 words, no space)
11 A computer specialist or technician are vital support personnel for many wildlife ____.
12 Wildlife and fishery biologists, engineers, and research scientists are all considered to be _____ positions.
13 A conservation officer or a ______ ______ is a resource person for school programs (2 words, no space)
14 Work with conservation officials from around the world (2 words, no space)
18 Outdoor recreation specialists plan programs like ____ ____, educational programs, and tours. (2 words, no space)
20 If you choose a career in wildlife science the future of America's wildlife could be in your ____.
21 Paying special attention to ____ training and precautions is very important.
22 An outdoor _____ specialist may greet us as we enter a state wildlife refuge.
26 The estimated revenue generated by the environmental services industry in the United States is over ___ billion. (2 words, no space)
1 Employees are expected to demonstrate good citizenship in their work and ____ lives.
2 Wildlife biologists are directly involved with the study of wildlife and their _____.
3 Campus ____ are responsible for supervising the maintenance of existing animal and plant communities and enhancing them.
4 Computer specialists use ____ tracking devices to send signals to satellites.
5 Many careers require ____ beyond high school.
6 Raising ____ provide valuable experience in natural resource conservation.
7 Who would you call if you found a skunk in your basement? (2 words, no space)
8 _____ should exist between the employee and employer.
9 Careers in the conservation fiels are extremely ______.
15 A computer specialist or technician mostly works ______.
16 Science or study of applied sciences and practical arts
17 Conservation officers should enjoy working with _____ and wildlife.
19 Most jobs in the past have been with ___ and federal agencies.
23 When selecting a ____, you should ask yourself if you would like to work outdoors year round.
24 A game warden must enjoy people and wildlife ______
25 A wildlife biologist uses _____ and ground surveys.
26 Outdoor recreation specialists work mainly _______.
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