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Cat Muscle Crossword Puzzle

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Cat Muscle

                                                3   4    
                          16             17         18   19  
Across Down
2 Most anterior muscle of the cat thigh
7 On the anterior aspect of the cat, inferior to the sternomastoid
8 Superior to the adductor femoris
10 Located on the dorsal aspect of cat; large, thin, square muscle that is superior to spinotrapezius
11 Inferior to the pectoralis major, larger and thicker than the pectoralis major
12 Large muscle beneath the gracilius
13 a muscle found in the pelvic limb of mostly all animals possessing a tail.
14 Large, thick, flat muscle that covers most of the lateral surface of the posterior trunk, and extends and adducts the arm.
15 Large muscle covering the posterior aspect and the side of the humerus
16 Large muscle lying medial to the semitendinosus
1 A small triangular hip muscle; smaller than the gluteus medius
3 Lateral surface of latissimus dorsi
4 Lateral to the semimembranosus and helps to bend the knee
5 Inferior to the pectoralis minor
6 Largest of the gluteus muscle; superior to the gluteus maximus
7 Thin, straplike muscle that lies over the pectoralis major
9 Largest muscle on the shank
17 double-headed muscle located on the back of thigh
18 Large superficial muscle which move the scapulae and support the arm
19 Triangular muscle and most posterior of the trapezius
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